Lemonade Stand Styled Shoot

Are you currently looking for creative party ideas for your little one? Deciding on the theme can be one of the most challenging decisions.

We have noticed an emerging trend this summer: lemonade stand parties. This amazing party is designed to keep you cool and refreshed during warm and hot summer days. You can use this theme for kids birthday parties, adult events, charity fundraisers, or a summer gathering.

One of our favorite lemonade stand styled shoots is by Petite Seats. This shoot had a spirit of an outdoor soiree. We love how lemons were their focal point. The incredible shoot also featured vibrant colors, loaded with yellow and pink details and decor, a phenomenal balloon wall, a real lemonade stand, a white cake infused in lemon reduction syrup, gorgeous flowers, delicious lemon dessert treats, and a cotton candy machine!  They truly captured the essence of lemons and lemonade. We invite you to pour a big glass of ice-cold lemonade while reading more about this styled shoot, as well as viewing the gallery below.

Date of the Styled Shoot: Saturday, August 24, 2019

My Home in Andover, NJ (Onida Cruz, Owner of Petite Seats)
What was the inspiration of the shoot? The inspiration for our styled shoot came from the ending of the summer season. We were inspired by the vibrant lemon fruit, nothing says summer like a glass of lemonade. We wanted to capture the essence and spirit of an outdoor soirée for our littles and their besties on a perfect summer afternoon.
What was the theme for the party? We wanted to use lemons as the focal point of our shoot. White with shades of yellow and pink was used to show the vibrancy of the season. Using lemons as the major design element, we had to have a lemonade stand and desserts with touches of lemon.
How did the models (kids and adults) respond to the theme of the party?  When invitations were sent out to participate in the shoot along with the design inspiration board the kids were super excited to have a real lemonade stand. Their next favorite design piece was the balloon wall, during the shoot it turned into a selfie station.
Please share the tasty dessert menu! Our cake was awe-inspiring. Made with a white cake infused in a lemon reduction syrup and a vanilla bean Swiss buttercream. The cake was decorated with lemon macarons, gold leaf, a sprinkling of pistachios and dehydrated lemon slices. The dehydrated lemons were used in the caksicles and the lemon curd tarts as well.
What was your favorite design element about the shoot?
We had so many adorable little details but our absolute fav was the organic color-blocked balloon wall. It was created to be free form and the perfect backdrop for our kid’s table.
What was the most memorable moment/moments of the day?
The most memorable moment of the day was when we turned on the cotton candy machine and the kids realized we had real cotton candy for them to eat.
All of the vendors are listed below.
Concept and Creative Director: Konfetti Boutik
Concept and Producer:  Petite Seats
Decor Styling and Design: Konfetti Boutik
Photographer: Aida Malik Photography
Kids Tables and Chairs: Petite Seats
Desserts: Kedby Kay Cakes
Florals: Konfetti Boutik
Balloons: Kahvee Events Designs
Puffection Cotton Candy: All About Play
Lemonade Stand: Yosi M
Yellow Side Table and Wooden Wall: Tie A Bow
Lemon Headband and Decorative Candy Bars: D’ Yulz Kreations
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