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Milk Bath Maternity Sessions are all the rage! Here are some of our favorites

Chances are, if you are pregnant, you’re going to want to do a maternity session of some sort. The problem is the options are endless. Do you want a solo maternity shoot? Or something with your partner? Perhaps indoors in the comfort of your home, or outdoors with some amazing scenery? Or how about a … read more

Roxanne Bellamy Events Shares 5 Ways to Entertain Kids At a Wedding

  Often times we spend so much time designing and planning our weddings.  We obsess over gowns, flowers, decor, bridesmaids dresses and more.  Tastings and fittings mixed in with some crying and fighting.  We go through it all. But one of the areas often overlooked are the kids. Aside from what your little flower girl … read more

Princess Myla’s “Wonderland of Fun” Birthday Party is #birthdaypartygoals

There are kids parties, then there’s Myla’s Wonderland of Fun party perfectly designed and planned by Tyron of Wells Consulting Design Co. based out of Tennessee.  Tyron didn’t just plan a party for Myla, he created an experience that rivals some of the weddings we’ve seen.  There was no aspect of the princess party that … read more

Laid Back Maternity Session by Milton Lawrence Photography

Your maternity session doesn’t require an elaborate venue, multiple wardrobe changes, and over the top decor (not that there’s anything wrong with that!). Sometimes, all you need is good light and an AMAZING photographer.  Today, Ayisatu and James Buremoh share their maternity pictures with us.  These photos were taken just 48 hours before the birth of their … read more

Precious Photos of African-American Fathers Bonding With Their Daughters

We’re all about the moms here on MunaMommy.  Obviously… :).  But that doesn’t mean we don’t have love for the dads.  To all the Dads that are out there doing the fatherhood thing like a pro each and every day, just know you are appreciated.  This family shoot produced by CreativeSoul Photo showcases four Dads … read more

Stewart Family Session

Family photo sessions are not what they used to be. Remember back in the day when your parents would take you to sears or whatever local photo studio and you would have to sit in front of that hideous backdrop and fake smile? These days, family photo sessions are more about capturing the family in … read more