Beautiful Outdoor Maternity Session in Buffalo, NY

Sometimes all you need is some good light, a fab photographer and a simple flowy gown to get the best maternity photos.  Loving these bright airy photos by Ascension Visionary Concepts.

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1.What was the inspiration for your maternity shoot? 

No real inspiration just wanted to capture that time in our lives. Wanted to do bright and colorful and a classic timeless look with the white.

2. Share your baby’s birth story…

Pretty straightforward birth story. Tyson was due on the 22nd came on the 20th. Delivered at the hospital. No complications.

3. What was your first month with a new baby like? 

First month was definitely an adjustment but was good. My mother stayed with us. I was ready to get up and go after a couple weeks. It just felt natural him being here. Even though I never thought of myself as the maternal type everything just fell into place. I wasnt nervous or scared just did what I had to do. It was actually a pleasant experience. Very low stress.

4. What is your favorite baby product/accessory?

Favorite product is a chair/sleeper rocker that you can sit baby in whether he is asleep or awake and take him wherever in the house you go.

5. How has motherhood changed you?

Motherhood has made my softer side appear more frequently.

6. What is your advice for new parents?

My advice for new parents is to just try and have a good support system and be open to learn as you go with baby. Everything doesn’t happen by the book.

7. What is your biggest wish for you baby?

My biggest wish is for my son to feel happy, loved and supported.



Photography: Ascension Visionary Concepts

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