Boho Themed Maternity Shoot in North Carolina

Adanna and Irani are lovingly anticipating the arrival of their first child.  With nature serving as their backdrop, the pair sought to keep things simple and allow their natural love for one other and their expectant child to shine. The couple shared more with us about the the inspiration for their maternity shoot photographed by Chronicles Photography, and which aspects of parenthood they’re anticipating the most. Check it out below.

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What’s the inspiration for your maternity shoot/baby announcement?
We wanted a nature/somewhat boho inspired shoot. Our photographer Dawn suggested an amazing location with a lot of hidden gems! We loved the idea of being surrounded by nature and all of her beautiful elements

What aspect of motherhood/fatherhood are you looking forward to most?
Mommy’s response: I’m looking forward to meeting our baby, watching him/her grow and mature into the person he/she is meant to be. I’m also looking forward to having those silly moments with him/her, where we can just laugh and enjoy our time together.

Dad’s response: Being with my child, who no matter what will unconditionally love me. No matter how my day went good bad or indifferent that love will be there along with my wife’s love.

We also wanted to wait and be surprised when it came to knowing the baby’s gender. We figured it would make the delivery that much more special!

Dawn Downey, Chronicles Photography

  1. Thank you for this amazing feature! I really enjoyed photographing these two. And congratulations on the relaunch!!!

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