Munaluchi Bride to MunaMommy: Natalie’s Birth Story

In MunaBride to MunaMommy, we interview expecting moms that were previously featured on Munaluchi Bride.  Today, we’re highlighting former #munaluchibride Natalie.  She had the most amazing wedding gorgeous captured by Ross Oscar Knight and featured in a previous Munaluchi issue.   See her chic Atlanta wedding here.  We are extremely excited to share her and Donnie’s next adventure as a married couple.  Here’s a snippet of her stunning wedding.

photo by ross oscar knight

Her maternity session was simple and sweet and photographed by Sophia Barrett Studios.

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What was the inspiration for your maternity shoot?
I just wanted to have fun and feel beautiful. Pregnancy involves drastic changes to your body over a short period of time, so I really wanted to show off those changes and keep everything else simple.

Share your baby’s birth story?
I had a beautiful, natural, non-medicated birthing experience. It lasted 36 hours but I spent the first 24 hours at home relaxing, cooking and watching tv with my hubby and parents. My husband and I connected on an intense level once we got to the hospital. He was the perfect birth partner. He danced with me to help me get into a comfortable position as my hips spread with our baby girl shifting downward. He read me inspirational messages that we created for delivery to remind me that GOD made my body perfectly for this experience and to accept the process knowing that millions of women before me had done this. We also had a doula who was great and very supportive. Once we entered the final stage of labor, I pushed for about 30 minutes and our gorgeous girl was born at 7:15pm on September 18, 2013.

What was your first month with a new baby like?
Surreal. I was pretty anxious to meet her and once she was here I would just stare at her endlessly (despite being completely sleep deprived) marveling at her. I couldn’t believe I had taken part in the creation of something so beautiful. She was/is a pretty easy baby. The hardest thing to get adjusted to was nursing because our girl is an eater!

What is your favorite baby product/accessory?
I have quite a few but I think the thing I least expected to love was California Baby calendula cream. Our daughter had a little bit of acne around 3 weeks and I discovered this stuff in a sample pack from Target. It worked wonders and so quickly. The French lavender smell is also just yummy.

How has motherhood changed you?
In a lot of ways interestingly. And the changes keep coming but I think the most profound change is I now lack the desire to have balance. As a high achieving young professional, I used to value work/life balance but now I am really enthralled in being a mommy. There is nothing more important and nothing more rewarding.

What is your advice for new mothers/parents?
Do what works best for your family. Nursing, formula, cloth diapering, disposables, etc… There are so many options for everything now, but doing what works best for you and your family to make sure you are happy so you can raise a happy baby is what’s important.

What is your biggest wish for you baby?
I just want her to love GOD and be happy.


Photography: Sophia Barrett Studios

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