A Gift of Memories: The Jones Family’s Picture-Perfect Maternity Session

Regardless of where we are or however we may be, memories are our most valuable possession – our only true possession. Carried with us throughout the journey of our lives, they are our constant companions. Assisting in personal growth, guidance, and the shaping of who we are and who we may become.

The true gift of memories are those nostalgic sentiments unwrapped by sensory prompts, momentarily transporting us from the present to a past so vivd it is as if we’ve truly stepped back in time. For Deidre, the sweet scent of spring cherry blossom trees will find her traveling back to this very scene – a beautiful family moment in which mother and child were truly one.

Continue reading all about the Jones family’s picture-perfect maternity session below.

Mother-to-be: Deidre Jones



Is this your first child or do you have other children? This is not our first child. We have a son that is 20 months old and this session documents our daughter. 
How has your pregnancy been? This pregnancy has been more difficult than my first, but I expected it since they are only 15 months apart, I had no time for my body to recover from my first pregnancy. 

Depending on the gender of your child, they say that each pregnancy is different! In your opinion would you say this is true? This is completely true, for me. With my son I had no pregnancy symptoms from the beginning. With my daughter I had extreme nausea my first two trimesters. 



All mommy’s-to-be experience those crazy cravings! What’s been your guilty pleasure? With my son I craved cheeseburgers and fries. Not just any cheeseburger either, it had to be the one from my job cafeteria-Stafford Hospital. With my daughter I had cravings for cotton candy. Literally went to a fair and ate an entire bag before we left, and we were there for an hour. 

What was the inspiration for your maternity shoot? My maternity shoot inspiration was just basically memories. I wanted a way to remember the time I held her closest to me and remember my son at that point in his life. 




What aspect of motherhood/fatherhood are you looking forward to the most? We are looking forward to giving our babies the love we experienced from our parents. We also look forward to those memories that we create by enjoying every single moment with our babies. 

What is your advice for expecting mothers/parents? Two pieces of advice, really. First, don’t take stuff too seriously! Laugh at the mistakes and enjoy your babies. They grow up so fast. There is no rule book so do what feels right because ultimately you know what’s best for your baby. Second, your memories are your lifeline. Take pictures, record videos and enjoy those silly moments. Even if it’s as little as them making silly faces…even those moments create lasting happy thoughts. 





Photographer: Michelle Harris of M Harris Studios

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