Outdoor Maternity Session: Aja & Ken

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1) What was the inspiration for your maternity shoot?

I wanted our maternity shoot to reflect my husband’s personality. He really loves the outdoors and nature.

2) Share your baby’s birth story?

Monday Jan 6, I went to my routine doctor appointment. The Dr advised me that I would have my baby that week, but she didn’t want me to go into labor that day since her alma mater was playing in the BCS National championship game. But of course that night while the game was on, my contractions became more forceful and frequent, forcing me to go to the hospital. My birth plan was to do as much of the labor process as i could unmedicated. This would then allow me to use my exercise ball and have the ability to be mobile while dealing with my contractions. After 12 hours of labor, no sleep, and countless Popsicles, I asked for the epidural. It wasn’t the contractions that made me get the epidural, it was the sleep deprivation. 4 hours later it was time to push and in 10 minutes, I had a baby girl.

3) What is/was your first month with a new baby like?

The first month of motherhood is a world wind of emotions. You’re excited, nervous, anxious, in awe, and the list goes on. I would stare at the baby and rub her cheek just to make sure that she was still breathing. I was really fortunate to have my mom and grandma stay with me for 2 weeks once i got home. They did all of the cooking and cleaning. So I only had to focus on the baby. The biggest adjustment is learning to work off of minimal hours of sleep

4) What is your favorite baby product?

The orbit baby car seat / stroller and graco swing set.

5) How has motherhood changed you?

Motherhood has definitely made me more selfless and affectionate. When I’m out, I’m constantly looking for baby items. I say “I love you” a lot more.

6) What is your advice for new mothers/parents?

Mothers usually are the primary caretaker and nobody will taken care of your baby better than you. But you have to allow your partner to help you. No dad is not going to hold the baby exactly right, or swaddle the baby like you would, but guess what, the baby will be just fine. You have to give dad time with the baby. This not only gives them time to bond but it gives you time to sleep, shower, or just relax

7) What is your biggest wish for you baby?

I hope to raise a child that is an independent thinker. I pray that she will make good decisions no matter what everyone else is doing.



Photography: Studio Ainsley 

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