Karen’s Stylish and Affectionate Couples Maternity Session

Whether in life or on the chessboard the most valuable piece is your “queen.” Protected and honored by all her power exceeds all others. She has the ability to bring the strategies of your life to a winning resolution, is unbound in almost every direction, and can create life. Just knowing she is there can give you strength, and when life has you cornered she can rescue you from absolute despair. Nothing surpasses the queen of your life.

As Karen and Herman make their next moves into the chess game of life they celebrate the addition of a new piece to their board, captured beautifully in this affectionate couples maternity session.

Read all about Karen’s MunaMommy-to-be experience, and always remember to honor the queen of your life!

MunaMommy-to-be: Karen Pryor- Admissions Counselor, Adult Education
MunaDaddy-to-be: Herman Pryor, Jr. -Career Development Advisor & Success Coach

Is this your first child or do you have other children? 
1st child

Boy or Girl? It’s a surprise 🙂

How has your pregnancy been? Besides a a little morning sickness and aches and pains here and there,we’ve been blessed with a wonderful pregnancy!

All mommy’s-to-be experience those crazy cravings! What’s been your guilty pleasure? 
Well, I’ve gone through several phases including pickles, milkshakes, and cheeseburgers.

What was the inspiration for your maternity shoot? Our thoughts were to illustrate Black royalty, while also having photographs that would serve as a depiction of the start of our family’s legacy and lasting memory of this precious time in our lives.

What aspect of motherhood/fatherhood are you looking forward to the most? Motherhood- Instilling the values that have passed down to me from my family and building new traditions. Fatherhood- Teaching and guidance.

What is your advice for expecting mothers/parents. Take every day as it comes. Know that each day may be a different experience from others, it is yours and that is what makes it special.

Photographer – De Lisa Carol

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