Pregnant with Twins: A Stylish Maternity Session

As a child, Ozodimma was always drawn to art and fashion and loved dressing up as a queen in the Victorian era.  When she started planning for her maternity session while pregnant with twins, she yearned to make a powerful statement with couture fashion to represent the “power, style, and grace of motherhood.”  The result is this editorial-esque maternity session photographed perfectly by Lori Dorman Photography. It’s as bold as it is soft.

Interview with the Mama

Names and Occupations?

My name is Ozodimma Nwankwo. I’m a dietitian/nutritionist and I work in clinical nutrition. My husband’s name is Uzoma Nwankwo and he’s a cybersecurity analyst working as a government contractor. We are also small business owners and invest in real estate and technology solutions that promote social good. 

What was the inspiration for your maternity shoot? Did you have a theme? 

I’ve always been enamored by whimsical forms of artistic expression and the Victorian era of fashion. As a kid, I wanted to be an actress. My mom bought me big puffy dresses and said I would always play dress up like a queen. In our maternity shoot, I wanted to portray the power, style, and grace of motherhood. I wanted that queen mother vibe. When I found a photographer that could awaken my inner queen, I booked her right away!

Do twins run in your family? Were you surprised when you found out you were pregnant with twins? 

My husband’s father had 3 sets of boy/girl twins as siblings. I know, wow! I also have relatives with twins. It’s funny because subconsciously, I knew I would eventually have twins. So, I may have inadvertently put it in the universe. I am so honored and lucky to be their mother. 

Did you find out the genders or did you keep it a surprise?

Oh, I couldn’t keep this one, I mean two, a surprise. I’m a “way in advance” planner, so I had to know everything the soonest I could know. Plus, my excitement during that time was just off the charts!

Many expecting mothers experience those crazy cravings! Did you experience any cravings during this pregnancy?

Yes, I had cravings that were unusual for me but nothing too crazy. I wanted a good old Big Mac from McDonald’s almost every week and would have indulged if it wasn’t out of my way driving home from work.  But the thing that was crazy for me was my aversion to coffee. Before pregnancy, I had a cup a day. Once I got about halfway through my first trimester, the twins were not feeling it. 

This maternity session was photographed a couple of years ago. How are the twins? Ages? Genders?

I have boy/girl twins and they are doing wonderful! They were born at 38 weeks and weighed over 6 pounds each, so they had a healthy start. They are 2-year-old little walkie-talkies now and so entertaining. We are very pleased and obsessed with them. We thank God!

What is your advice for expecting mothers/parents?

My advice is simple really; believe in your ability to make your dreams a reality. Whatever you want out of parenthood, speak it into existence. Only you can decide what type of parent you will be and the family you want. But you must do what’s best for you and what makes you truly happy. Once you’ve made that decision, go put in the work to make it happen and you will be an amazing parent!

Photography by: Lori Dorman Photography

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