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In the U.S. over six million women struggle with infertility, which has various definitions.  TTC can take a toll on your mental and physical health and is oftentimes financially draining. 

Enter The MunaMommy Fertility Diaries — a column featuring real stories told by you.  Your experiences, your fears, your hopes, and dreams.  Plus, interviews with fertility experts and certified healthcare professionals.  

Our mission is to erase the stigma associated with infertility, and to decrease the black maternal death rate by sharing your stories and interviews openly and honestly.  We want you to freely share your losses, and your wins. 

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Black Maternal Health Week

Every year from April 11 – April 17, Black Maternal Health Week takes place as a part of National Minority Health Month.  If you’ve been following along on the news about COVID-19, you’ll know that the virus is killing more black people than any other ethnic minority group. 

The reasons for these disproportionate stats are mostly unknown, but what we do know is that when it comes to childbirth in America, the trend is similar.  In the U.S., the maternal death rate is the highest amongst any developed nations.  Black women are 3-4 times more likely to die during childbirth than their white counterparts.   During this era of COVID-19, those mortality rates may increase even further. 

Through the stories shared here, our hope is that you are more empowered and educated on issues surrounding maternal health during your pregnancy.  


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