Jade’s Queendom Themed Celebration Was Not Your Typical Sweet 16 Party

There’s a saying that goes something like, If you’re going to do something, you might as well go all out. Or was it, Go big or go home?. Either way, you probably get where we’re going here.:) The celebration we are sharing today takes your typical Sweet 16 party to an entirely new level.

The mastermind behind the event design and production was Khadidra Muhammad of Priceless Event Planning. Based in NYC, she’s responsible for some of the most elaborate celebrity events in the tri-state area. (Check out her portfolio to get a taste of her creativity.) For Jade’s Sweet 16 party, she wanted to put a spin on the royalty theme, as that has been done many times over. Since the event was being held at a gallery, Khadidra created an exhibit with lifesized photos of Jade portraying past Queens that inspire her.

The exhibit served as inspiration for the entire theme, which included elaborate tablescape designs of red, gold and blush. The guests were instructed to wear shades of red and blush to tie in with the theme. And Jade’s mother styled her in a few elaborate outfits fit for a Queen, with custom jeweled crowns for finishing touches. There’s so much to dive into with this event, so take a look at the photos and read our interview with the designer below.

Jade is a student of the Professional Performing Arts School and has been dancing since she was 3. She and her classmates performed a medley of choreographed dances for the guests.

Interview with Khadidra of Priceless Event Planning

Quick Facts

  • Date of the Event: 2/15/20
  • Location of the Event: Metropolitan Pavilion Gallery Venue in Manhattan
  • Guest Count 150 ppl

How long did it take for you to plan Jade’s Sweet 16?

One year

What were the must-haves that Jade wanted at her party?

A small birthday cake for her best friend that was in the court, whose birthday was 2/14 & a dance floor.

Highlights:  Were there any surprises/dances/etc? Dress codes? Any celebrity appearances?

Jade attends Professional Performing Arts School, Jade has been dancing since the age of 3 years old. The performance was to songs Nicki Minaj Megatron, Beyoncé’s Everybody’s Mad & Before I Let Go, choreographed by Eboné Johnson which is celebrity/professional dancer. The dress code for the family was shaded blush & reds to match the decor. 

Describe your design approach to her party.

We wanted something that we never have seen done before & non-traditional. At first, the theme was royalty which is very common. So after one brainstorming session, I came up with the idea to create an actual exhibit, being [that] the room was called a Gallery it seemed fitting. To tie in royalty, I had Jade pick 5 queens she could relate to & built the event off of that. Her mom Dawn Bowen was in charge of styling her for the queen looks and made some of the crowns/headpieces herself.

Unique Elements

Jade even had these dope brochures created for her guests. They showcase the various Queens that she’s inspired by. How cool?!

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