A BabyMoon and Maternity Photoshoot in the Bahamas

Ever heard of a BabyMoon? It’s a relaxing getaway that expectant mothers take before the baby arrives.  Often times these trips happen during the 2nd trimester, depending on your health, and don’t have to be to an international destination, unless you’re the traveling type like the MunaMommy we’re highlighting today.  

Pamela and her hubby were previously featured on our parent site, MunaLuchi Bride, for their absolutely stunning destination wedding. Traveling is one of their favorites things to do, so it’s no surprise that they opted for a maternity session/babymoon on the beaches of Bahamas. Seriously though, when the world opens back up, we might all need to take a vacation. These photos are giving us all types of nostalgia for better days.

If you could travel anywhere today and COVID wasn’t an issue, where would you go?

Names and Occupations:

Pamela Brylski, Investment advisor and attorney

What was the inspiration for your maternity shoot? Did you have a theme, if so please describe?

The inspiration as cliche as it sounds was beach glam. Our family loves beach vacations and being on the beach is very much part of who we are as people. My husband and I met and fell in love 12 years ago at one of the most famous beach towns, Barcelona. We got married on the beaches in Mexico and it has been a tradition in our family that vacations are always fun beach destinations. So we knew we wanted to welcome our glam baby with photos that showcased the beauty and sophistication of the Bahamas.

How did your son adjust to having a baby sister?

Our son, Alex, is the best big brother. We really thought about how to ensure he adjusted well before she was born because Alex is really sensitive and spends a lot of time with us. We welcomed him to the hospital with a beautiful gift from his baby sister and we got him involved from day one giving him responsibility as it related to getting materials, etc. They are absolutely best friends and inseparable. Seeing their relationship grow and their connection so strong is simply a blessing.

Many expecting mothers experience those crazy cravings! Did you experience any cravings during this pregnancy? And if yes, list them.

I really did not have many cravings, although I did eat a lot of cheese. I tend to like the same things pregnant that I like when I am not pregnant which are foods that are spicy and salty!

This maternity session was photographed a year ago. How are the children? What are their ages? 

The children are absolutely awesome. Alex is turning 4 in May and Olanna is turning 1 in August. Thank God! We are so blessed and we are trying to keep things as normal as possible in the midst of COVID-19. Unfortunately, Alex will not have a full-fledged birthday party in the home due to COVID-19, but we have ensured to maintain his wishes for a dinosaur bash which means a dinosaur themed cake, themed silverware, balloons and a surprise dinosaur pool float that will have our family entertained all day. We know he will have a blast. 

What is your advice for expecting mothers/parents?

My advice for expectant mothers and parents is to be in the moment and be kind to yourself. Pregnancy can be both a wonderful and challenging time for parents. Your bodies are changing, you often feel tired and sick and you are anxious about everything related to you and the baby. It is also challenging when you already have children. My advice is to be easy with yourself and as a family by taking the time to eat properly, get enough rest and remain mentally and physically healthy. 

How has social distancing and COVID-19 affected your family?

COVID-19 has been a challenge. As a working mother who has a demanding career as a senior executive at an investment bank, trying to maintain and grow a business with a family is not easy. However, my husband’s schedule is more flexible since he is in real estate so he handles more of the homeschooling part for our son, while we both try to handle the responsibilities for our baby girl. I think having a schedule is absolutely key. We all try to engage in physical activity every day, eat healthy nutritious meals and get enough sleep. We are also fortunate to live in a city with great weather where we can be outside and play and swim with the kids which is awesome. We are avid travelers and have had to cancel two trips already which is a letdown, but we keep things in perspective by remembering that nobody can travel when they are sick so health remains and will remain our first concern.

Thanks for sharing your maternity session and story with us. Stay safe!

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