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Black Girl Magic: Bold Purple and Black Birthday Party Inspiration

Over the years, “Black Girl Magic” has become a celebratory phrase praising the beauty, the strength, the ingenuity, the grace, the all-around fabulousness of black girls and women. But what would it look like as the theme of a party?

Event Planner The Party Muse sprinkled “Black Girl Magic” and tons of creativity into this fantastical birthday inspiration shoot. She shares,

I’m a children’s event planner and I’ve been planning events for kids for over 9 years. In all those
years, I’ve been wanting to see something the represents black girls/kids. So many of the party
products, editorials, and party images are of white washed-out photos and color palettes. That
appeals to a particular type of consumer. As a black woman, I know that POC love vibrant colors
and dramatic images. I love that as well and I wanted to combine that idea with black girls, and a
look that I feel like is wholly missing from the kids’ party industry.

In order to share this POV, I decided to do a photoshoot (only 2nd in 9 years) that captured beautiful images of little black girls. My cast of vendors were all POC including my photographer which I was particularly proud of. I’ve had some amazing events in my career but by far, my favorite has been this photoshoot. I hope you enjoy it!


We love every detail from the popping purple and black color scheme, to the sweet desserts, to the indoor ball pit (Such a fun idea!). See all of the magical inspiration below.


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