Sentimentally-Beautiful Maternity Session in Atlanta

Julia and Toryn welcomed their beautiful baby girl, Tegahan Julia Lankford, on December 22, 2015. In anticipation of her arrival, the pair shot this sentimentally-beautiful maternity session with photographer Sophia Barrett. With this being Julia’s first child, she shared this with us on the birth of daughter Tegahan;  “I am extremely Blessed that God saw fit for me to birth my beautiful little princess. And I am truly appreciative of the journey that was chosen for me”. So beautiful! Check out more from this new mommy who talked with us about her pregnancy, the aspects of motherhood she’s looking forward to most and her wishes for her baby girl.

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Boy or Girl?  Girl: Teghan Julia Lankford, Born: 12/22/15

How was your pregnancy? It was a GREAT Experience

Depending on the sex of your child, they say that each pregnancy is different! In your opinion would you say this is true?
This was my first pregnancy so I wasn’t sure, but people stated that if your lower back was hurting you were having a boy — well we were blessed with a beautiful baby girl!

All mommy’s-to-be have experienced those crazy cravings – what was your guilty pleasure?
Rocky Road Ice Cream

What was the inspiration for your maternity shoot? Sophisticated Glam

What future aspect of motherhood/fatherhood are you looking forward to the most?
Molding our child to be a great human being and to shoot for the stars because there are no limitations.
What is your advice for expecting mothers/parents? Enjoy the process and REST

How has motherhood changed you?
I think I’m more protective over my family and I use my time more wisely

What is your advice for new mothers/parents? Trust your own instinct

What is your biggest wish for your baby?
My wish for my daughter would be to not let anything get in her way of happiness and to follow her dreams and her heart. Don’t follow the crowd; be her own person And NO matter what happens, to always know that her parents got her back & that she is loved and to ALWAYS ALWAYS Keep God First!

Photography: Sophia Barrett Studios
Hair and Makeup: Images by JDenelle

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