Myla’s Colorful Unicorn Themed 8th Birthday Party in Dallas, TX

What type of party do you plan for an imaginative 8 year old who loves horses? Take it up a notch and throw her a magical, unicorn party!

Party planner Wells Design Co. teamed with Myla’s parents to throw her an amazing birthday party complete with a bright balloons, yummy decorative treats, and a unicorn themed dance floor! Wells Design Co. shares, “Myla’s guests had an amazing time getting their faces painted, riding horses, petting animals, and playing a fun game of tug of war and it was just the magical day that Myla wanted.”

See all of the magical details below.

  • Birthday Girl: Myla Ellis
  • Party Location: River Ranch at Texas Horse Park- Dallas. TX

8 can be such a magical number, so for Myla’s birthday, we just had to make it a Unicorn Party theme! This was Myla’s THIRD party that my team and I have implemented for the Ellis family. Myla’s parents, NBA star Monta Ellis and his gorgeous wife Juanika Ellis, always want to give Myla just the type of celebration she wants and we love it! Myla’s 5th “Wonderland of Fun” Princess Party was even featured previously by Munamommy.

Wells Design Co.

This time around, we played around with a few ideas but ultimately settled on a Unicorn Party theme for “8”. The Ellis Family are “lifetime clients” that have become family for us, so of course, as a traveling Planner/Designer, I traveled to Dallas to begin doing venue walkthroughs to find the perfect place for this amazing celebration! Ultimately, we settled on the gorgeous River Ranch at Texas Horse Park to provide the experience we were going for being that they provide nature and ranch experiences that fall in line with our mini-client’s interests.

Wells Design Co.

In talking to Juanika about the party she wanted to create for her baby girl, what was very important to her is to involve Myla’s love of animals. Animals have been a highlight of previous parties for her in the past. Myla and her guests enjoyed the company of plenty of animals including beautiful horses and even a “Unicorn” that made a guest appearance.

Wells Design Co.

The inspiration for the room came from Myla’s magical personality, her love for pretty things, and her ultimate desire to have a Unicorn Party. The inside of the featured beautiful brick walls that helped to bring some of the natural elements of the surrounding ranch into the space. Bright colors filled the room to create a creative and magical atmosphere. The highlight of the room was definitely the gorgeous balloon treatments by WOW Balloons which even included a huge Unicorn. There were bright balloons throughout the room accenting the Cake & Sweets area with treats by Britt Artistry as well as the unicorn dance floor by Inkredible Dance Floors which said: “Dreams do come true.” Unicorns on the table were created by Ten23Designs accenting table florals by Pretty Petals Florals.

Wells Design Co.

The day was a great success, even though a series of storms stopped me from ultimately being there due to plane delays! Fortunately, I pulled together a master team who were able to implement the event without a hitch due to detailed planning in advance! Myla’s guests had an amazing time getting their faces painted, riding horses, petting animals, and playing a fun game of tug of war and it was just the magical day that Myla wanted.

Wells Design Co.


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