Baby Paisley’s Adorable Newborn Session & Her Mom’s Pregnancy Journey

Sweet little Paisley Marie recently turned one! She is a healthy, happy, inquisitive toddler and her mother, Cheree’, is loving every second of motherhood.

Today, we sharing Cheree’s pregnancy story and her advice for new mothers, while we take a look back at Paisley’s adorable, flower-themed newborn shoot and Cheree’s lovely maternity shoot.

We cannot stress enough the importance of capturing your pregnancy and the arrival of your baby with excellent photography! We are sure you will find tons of heartwarming inspiration below. Enjoy!

  • Parents Names and Occupations:
    • Cheree’ Albritton, public health professional
    • CJ Willis, commercial transportation

Is this your first child or do you have other children?

Yes, this is our first child. A brother, aged 13 welcomed his new sibling.

Did you know the gender of your baby before giving birth?

Yes, I received prenatal genetic testing at 9 weeks gestation and my doctor informed us that we could opt-in to finding out the gender. I knew at that moment that I wanted to know, and as a bonus, it would help with narrowing down a name. I received a call from the doctor’s office a little over a week later and the genetic results came back, BUT they forgot to order gender results. I was told it could take a few days to receive the result and the suspense was KILLING me. Two days later and after playing phone tag a few times that day, I was asked if I wanted to pick up results in an envelope at the office or be told over the phone. I hastily agreed to the latter and while sitting at my desk at work, I heard the most precious words…it’s a GIRL!! We kept the news from the children in my family aged 3,4, and 5 and had a doughnut gender reveal at Krispy Kreme, which we shared with extended family and friends via social media.

How was your pregnancy?

I absolutely LOVED being pregnant and had a great experience. I felt a little queasy the first two weeks after finding out I was pregnant, but it was smooth sailing after that. I was so excited to attend doctor’s appointments and record the baby’s heartbeat each month. Most of all, I cherished the fact that it was the ONLY time she would be with me everywhere I went and that gave me a lot of comfort.

Many expectant moms experience those crazy cravings! Did you experience any cravings?

Yes, I know this is a weird combination, but towards the end of my pregnancy, it became a Friday custom after work to visit my favorite food trucks. I couldn’t get enough Crawfish and cherry Snowballs… talk about a “HOT” girl summer! LOL!

What was the inspiration for your maternity shoot?

Before deciding wardrobe, hair or makeup, it was important that I find a venue that represented who I was becoming as an expectant mother. Annesdale Mansion was it and more! During a scheduled tour a few words came to mind…vintage southern charm with a hint of GLAM, yep that’s me! Whether inside or outdoors, the mansion allowed me to step outside of the box and create a holistic view of embracing motherhood wholeheartedly. Being able to go from a simple white angelic two-piece ensemble to a high fashion mustard gown to even being able to wear blue while expecting a girl. The mansion gave me the perfect backdrop for three different looks that Candace expertly captured during the photoshoot.

What aspects of motherhood do you look forward to?

Early on I looked forward to typical aspects of motherhood i.e. mommy and me dates with
matching outfits, planning birthday parties, and lots of girl talk. Although I still long to share
those moments, during the orientation for our daughter’s baby dedication, the facilitator
mentioned that as parents it is our responsibility to watch our child and help her figure out her GOD given purpose and that’s what I look forward to the most.

What is your advice for expecting mothers/parents?

Enjoy every moment of your pregnancy, from the day you find out you’re expecting, until delivery. Invest in parenting classes, join a Mommy and/or breastfeeding group prior to delivery, and get plenty of rest while you can! Take bump pictures, write notes, or keep a journal of appointments, buy the cute going home outfit that catches your eye. Stay calm and reduce anxiety while basking in all the joy, unexpectedness, uneasiness, and excitement that becoming a parent has to offer. Most importantly, as women, it is our JOB to lead by example when teaching and pray for them as if the world stops today.


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