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Introducing the MunaMommy Fertility Diaries

In the U.S. over six million women struggle with infertility, which has various definitions.  TTC can take a toll on your mental and physical health, and is oftentimes financially draining. 

Enter The MunaMommy Fertility Diaries — a column featuring real stories told by you.  Your experiences, your fears, your hopes, and dreams.  Plus, interviews with fertility experts and MunaMommy readers.  

We’re here for you

Our mission is to erase the stigma associated with infertility and to help decrease the black maternal death rate by sharing your stories and interviews openly and honestly. 

jacqueline nwobu – munamommy founder/editor-in-chief

You don’t know what you don’t know. Sharing your story can bring awareness to healthcare disparities that new expectant moms may not be aware of. We want you to freely share your losses and your wins.

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Become a MunaMommy Contributor

Do you have an interesting personal story on parenthood, blended families, pregnancy complications, infertility or anything related to motherhood that you’d like to share?  Are you an educator, researcher or expert in a particular field with knowledge to share?  We would love to share your perspective and advice.  Please use the form below to submit an application to submit your story or advice.  If selected, a MunaMommy contributor profile will be created for you on our website after two articles are approved.


Contributor articles are published on and may be shared on our social media channels.  We may not be able to respond to every submission, but here are some guidelines for success.

  • If sharing a personal story, keep it in the first person and provide as much insight as possible for our readers.  We look for personal stories about childbirth, infertility struggles, trying to conceive, parenting, nursing, and truly any personal experience you feel will be of help to our audience.
  • Include images to accompany your story.  These images do not have to be professional images, but if they were not taken by you, please let us know who the photographer/videographer is so we can properly credit him/her.
  • Keep your story under 900 words. If longer than 900 words, you will need to submit it in parts.  If compelling, we are happy to share your story in installments on our website.
  • For personal stories, keep them thoughtful, interesting, and conversational.  For expert advice, the same applies, but back the stories up with research, facts or personal anecdotes.

We are excited to share your story and support our mothers through all stages of TTC and pregnancy.

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