Baby Welcome Home! Abby D. Phillip and Husband Marcus Celebrate Birth of Daughter Naomi

Munamommy favorite Abby Phillip has just welcomed a baby girl, Naomi Angelina Richardson!

The new mommy gave us an adorable sneak peek in the cutest way on Instagram in the prettiest coordinating colors. In March while celebrating her interview with Gayle King for The Cut Magazine, Abby officially announced that she was four months pregnant on her Instagram page and on the cover. The CNN anchor and Washington, DC resident confirmed the news that she and her husband Marcus welcomed baby Naomi on August 16th. The proud parents gave the newborn her special middle name to commemorate Abby’s maternal grandmother who passed away in 2014.

For her special post celebrating moms everywhere this year Abby wrote a poignant message about motherhood Abby shared, “Before this year, I thought I knew what motherhood was all about. But what I wasn’t prepared for was the emotional fortitude that it requires to really be a mother. When people say that having a child is like having your heart living outside of your body, that is no joke…Being a mother is so much more than sleepless nights and endless diaper changes. Motherhood, especially Black motherhood, is an act of bravery and an act of hope. We are mothers not because we always make the best choices or because we can protect our children from the unknown, but because we choose hope instead of fear.

As I have watched so many of my friends experience motherhood in so many different ways, I am in awe of what we as women can do. For some of us, the task is an unexpected challenge and for others it is the fulfillment of a long hoped for dream. But as I prepare to bring my daughter into the world, I’m filled with gratitude for all the women who have endured loss and struggle in their motherhood journeys. I gain courage from their bravery.

I’ll be honest, sometimes the fear threatens to overwhelm me. But when I experience that fear, I pause and realize that that feeling is really just the greatest love the world has given us — that of a mother for her child.”

Happy Mother’s Day to the best women and moms I know 💕💕

Abby Phillip=Career Goals

While sharing her story on IG we loved seeing the new mommy to be at work in her role as CNN’s senior political correspondent and anchor of Inside Politics Sunday. She is such an inspiring force for working women everywhere.

Sharing Her Journey

Abby gave us chic glimpses into her pregnancy story with friends and family and taught us that self care is the best care!

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