Roxanne Bellamy Events Shares 5 Ways to Entertain Kids At a Wedding


Often times we spend so much time designing and planning our weddings.  We obsess over gowns, flowers, decor, bridesmaids dresses and more.  Tastings and fittings mixed in with some crying and fighting.  We go through it all. But one of the areas often overlooked are the kids. Aside from what your little flower girl and ring bearers are wearing, have you thought about what they will do at the wedding?  A special table, kids games, entertainment? In this article, Roxanne Bellamy of Roxanne Bellamy Events shares creative ways to keep kids entertained at the wedding.  The images were photographed by the dynamic duo Creative Soul Photo as part of a kids fashion editorial we featured in a previous Munaluchi Bride issue.  Thanks to all the vendors that made this shoot come together!

Text by Roxanne Bellamy

Children are an entertaining addition to weddings. The most delightful little flower girls in tutus, tiny floral crowns and sparkling ballerina flats; charming ring bearers sporting a swoon worthy three-piece suit, a fedora and loafers. They warily yet courageously meander down the aisles completing their mission of either tossing rose petals or holding signage that reads “don’t worry ladies;  I’m still single!” that is before making a mad dash after spotting their mother in the first row. They’re show stoppers, right? But then what? What happens after the ceremony? We’ve created our top 5 Ways to Entertain Kids at Your Wedding.

5. You Can’t Sit With Us!

Depending on the age of the children, it’s always a great idea to have a kids table so they can entertain each other. They’re all in one area making the caterer’s job easier and the parents then have the opportunity to relax and enjoy that glass of champagne.


4. Survival Kit

Keep kids of all ages entertained by providing an activity pack. Younger kids will appreciate bubbles, activity books and crayons, for example, while older kids will appreciate puzzles, toys and brain teasers. Know the age of the children and pack a box specifically for each to ensure they have hours of entertainment at their fingertips.

3. I Spy!

Provide a disposable camera for each child and a list of items for them to uncover during the reception. They’ll have lots of fun trying to find “a white dress” or “tasty treats” for example.

2. Puzzles

Creating puzzles that mimic the stationery being used in the wedding is a clever way to entertain kids at your wedding. Try having a menu on one side and a crossword puzzle on the other. Adults may enjoy this one too!


1. Sweet Life

Provide a dessert or sweet table for the kiddies to maneuver on their own. Think cupcakes, specialty sodas, and more. The sky is the limit! Be certain to check for allergies beforehand.


The kiddies will be certain to have a blast at your reception with any combination of the 5 Ways to Entertain Kids at Your Wedding.

Thanks to our adorable models:)

First looks:

Model:  Hannah  | Headpiece: Imoga Collection @imogacollection | Dress: Little Miss Galia @littlemissgalia  | Shoes: Melissa // Model: Katharine  | Dress: Alivia Simone @aliviasimonesf | Cape: Mischka Aoki @mischkaaoki | Shoes: Manuela de Juan @manueladejuan // Model: Marley @marley_the_natural  | Dress: Mischka Aoki @mischkaaoki | Shoes: Gucci @gucci  // Model: Elisa @elisamayaa | Top/Skirt:  Imoga Collection @imogacollection | Shoes: Manuela de Juan @manueladejuan // Model: Lucas  | Sunglasses: Ruum @ruumkidswear | Shirt: Scotch Shrunk @scotch_official  | Shoes: Adidas @adidas // Model: Brandon @csh1077  | Blazer/Shorts/Shirt: LaMiniatura @laminiatura  | Tie: ShopEggy @shopeggy | Shoes: Adidas @adidas  // Model: Zara @zarareaves | Dress: Alexandria Olivia @alexandria_olivia | Headpiece/Necklace: L’official enfant @lofficielenfant  // Model: Brandon @csh1077  | Suit:  LaMiniatura @laminiatura  | Shirt/Bowtie: ShopEggy @shopeggy  // Model: Zara @zarareaves | Dress: Alivia Simone @aliviasimonesf | Bowtie: L’official enfant @lofficielenfant  | Shoes: Manuela de Juan @manueladejuan

Second Looks: 

Model: Katharine | Dress: Alivia Simone @aliviasimonesf // Model: Elisa @elisayasmeen | Dress: Imoga Collection @imogacollection // Model: Zara @zarareaves | Top/Skirt: Little Miss Galia @littlemissgalia | Necklace: Tutu Du Monde @tutudumonde // Model: Bryson @therealbrysonhardin | Shirt: Ruum @ruumkidswear | Blazer/Pants:  LaMiniatura @laminiatura  // Model: Marley @marley_the_natural | Dress: Alivia Simone @aliviasimonesf // Model: Hannah  | Dress: Mischka Aoki @mischkaaoki | Necklace/Doll:  ShopEggy @shopeggy  // Model: Aniyah (@aniyahyasmeen)  | Dress:  Little Miss Galia @littlemissgalia | Headband: L’official enfant @lofficielenfant  // Model: Brandon @csh1077  | Suit: LaMiniatura @laminiatura  | Shirt/Bowtie: ShopEggy @shopeggy 

Vendor Credits
Photography: CreativeSoul Photography @creativesoulphoto
Event Styling + Planning: Roxanne Bellamy Events @roxannebellamy
Wardrobe Styling: Kiki Tillman @stillsize2
Floral Design: Event After Floral Design @everafterhelen
Stationery: Made Divine @madedivine
Personalized Favor Boxes: Made with Bind @madewithbind
Hairstyling: Epic Hair Studio @epichairstudio
Makeup: FaceTyme @yourfacetyme
Nails: Decorative Digits @decorativedigits
Desserts: KemeCakes @kemecakes
Venue: Glen Curtiss Mansion @curtissmansion
Wall Rental: Bambini Soiree @bambinisoiree


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