“Perfect Union” – Ibtisam’s Beautiful Couples Maternity Session

“Will they be more like me or more like you?” This is an example of the wonderful questions we get to ask each other and witness with complete fascination the answers unfold. Whether they get “this” from their mother, or “that” from their father, ultimately the answer is that they are a perfect union of mother and father. The best of both worlds combined to form a person better than ourselves – further adding to the beauty of the world…

Read all about Ibtisam’s MunaMommy experiences in this lovely couples maternity session.

MunaMommy-to-be: Ibtisam
MunaDaddy-to-be: Adil
Occupations: Federal Government Officer & Hertz Area Manager

Is this your first child or do you have other children? First Child

Boy or Girl? Girl

How has your pregnancy been? Pregnancy was challenging, especially the first 6 months. Morning Sickness lasts ALL DAY LONG!

All mommy’s-to-be experience those crazy cravings! What was your guilty pleasure? SUGAR. For someone who never had a sweet tooth it was so bizarre to crave things like Fruit Loops, Jelly Donuts and Jos Louis. FYI they still make Dunkaroos.

What was the inspiration for your maternity shoot? I just really wanted to have a keepsake that I could cherish for years to come. The fashion theme was…whatever still fits me. Thank God for flowy kaftans and loose fitting traditional wear.

What aspect of parenthood are you looking forward to the most? We are both looking forward to seeing what kind of personality Amelia will have. Adil is extroverted and extremely social whereas I am more introverted and not anti-social but certainly a homebody. Cheeky like her dad and too smart for her own good, just like me…it could really go either way but we’re excited to watch her build her own character.

What is your advice for expecting mothers/parents? For expecting mothers, the best advice I can offer is SLEEP. I’m sure everyone says that but seriously sleep. You will thank me later. For parents, you will get advice from EVERYONE (including me, lol) but at the end of the day you know your child and you do what you are comfortable with. Parenthood is not right or wrong, it’s more trial and error.


Photography: Samantha Clarke

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