“Gift of Endless Inspiration” – Kathleen’s Intimate Couples Maternity Session

Inspiration is the vehicle of creativity, and creation the reward of passionate pursuits. For this creative couple their passion has rewarded them the gift of endless inspiration, taking shape in the form of their soon to be born daughter. She will no doubt provide them with a lifetime of style concepts, musical rhythms, and song lyrics.

MunaLuchi Bride Coterie Member, Owner of Luxe LeBlanc, and MunaMommy-to-be Kathleen, looks forward to “being a role model and molding her [daughter] into a beautiful human being who will make a difference in this world.”

Read all about Kathleen’s MunaMommy experiences, and her intimate couples maternity session!

MunaMommy-to-be: Kathleen Thomas (nee LeBlanc)
MunaDaddy-to-be: Paskinel Thomas
Occupations: Kathleen is a wardrobe stylist & Paskinel is a musician & song writer.
Is this your first child or do you have other children? This is our first child.
Boy or Girl? It’s a girl!

How has your pregnancy been? I honestly cannot complain! I had no morning sickness or inability to eat. I have the usual minor aches and pains, and the signs that mark each Trimester as normal but nothing crazy. I’m super thankful to God for that.

All mommy’s-to-be experience those crazy cravings! What’s been your guilty pleasure? In the first trimester, my food was never spicy enough! I resorted to making my own jar of “piklis” (Haitian pickled scotch bonnet peppers, cabbage, carrots and spices). I even ate it on my eggs for breakfast. No, I didn’t get heartburn from it. That happened in the 2nd trimester which stopped me from eating so much hot sauce.

What was the inspiration for your maternity shoot? We just wanted to convey and share this beautifully intimate milestone in our lives. We love the outdoor shoots but this private session allowed us to really reflect on our love and celebrate this next chapter of our life together.

What aspect of motherhood are you looking forward to the most? I look forward to being a role model and molding her into a beautiful human being who will make a difference in this world. And of course as a blogger and fashion stylist for my company Luxe LeBlanc, I’m looking forward to dressing her up! #BabyLuxe

What is your advice for expecting mothers/parents? Enjoy every step of the journey because this miraculous process is not experienced by everyone who seeks it. Be grateful, be patient and be open with your partner about what your expectations are during and after pregnancy. Embrace your village and the helping hands that show you love. The unsolicited advice can get annoying but take it with a grain of salt. And congratulations!!!


Photographer – Roman Vail Photography

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