MunaMommy Book Corner: Books For Young Readers Who Rock Their Natural Hair

Our MunaMommy book corner is the perfect place to help you find the cutest books for your new reader at home!

As a child, I can still remember books that were my favorites such as, “If We Were All The Same” by Fred Rogers and books from the Little Golden Books series. I loved being swept away by my imagination to distant places and meeting interesting new characters. Knowing the importance of reading and how influential books can be in their early years, we’ve picked out some of the best books for young readers who wear their beautiful natural hair. It’s been amazing to know that children now more than ever are seeing characters that look just like them in movies, on television, and in their favorite stories. These books about natural hair are sure to be favorites in your little readers’ first library.

Be sure to scroll down below to see some of our top picks!

I Love My Hair By Natasha Tarpley

Hair Love By Matthew A. Cherry

Hair Like Mine By LaTashia M. Perry

Happy Hair and Cool Cuts By Mechal Renee Roe

My Hair By Hannah Lee

I Love My Haircut by Natasha Tarpley

Don’t Touch My Hair By Sharee Miller

Big Hair Don’t Care By Crystal Swain-Bates

My Hair Is A Garden By Cozbi Cabrera

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