Bow-Ties & Buttons Themed Baby Shower

A little gentleman is on the way.  So what better way to celebrate Tyler’s arrival than with an adorably themed shower.  The shower’s planner and designer, Elle’s Couture Events, derived dapper details from the concept of being a little gentlemen and included lots of bow-ties and buttons to showcase the theme.  This sweet shower also featured cute teddy bear center pieces, framed quotes and even a signature drink – “Bow-Tie Bubbly”, too cute! And of course, every shower must have games – this shower featured three cutely themed games that you can grab inspiration from when creating your baby shower itinerary.  Read on for more details from this charming Bow Ties & Button themed celebration.

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Theme: Bow Ties & Buttons (Little Gentlemen)
Unique Design Ideas: All of the design ideas where derived from being a little gentlemen and bow-ties and buttons

  • Color scheme: Mint Green, Burnt Orange, Yellow & White
  • Favors: Picture frames of the mommy to be’s pregnancy photos
  • Centerpieces: Flowers, Teddy Bears wearing bow-tie onsies and framed quotes about how to be a gentlemen
  • napkins were tied as bow ties and the linens were buttons and chevron to match the invitation/stationary
  • Wishing Tree: Wising tree tags were green and included hello mustaches
  • Dessert Table & Cake: bow tie cookies, button cupcakes, bow tie cake pops, chocolate covered strawberries and the cake was a brief case
  • Signature Drink: Bow- Tie Bubbly (Bartenders also wore mint green bow-ties!)
  • Mommy to be section: The MTB was set up to mirror a nursery. The MYB sat in a ivory club chair, crib filled with baby gifts, night stand with chevron lap, picture of her pregnancy photo, teddy bears, and chevron pillows.
  • Instagram station: Included props and the hashtag #BabyTyler


  • Purse Game: Whoever has the most items in their purse wins
  • Baby Bottle: Who can drink the juice the fastest out of the baby bottle
  • Fake Being Pregnant: We picked three guys to fake being pregnant. Each guy had to have laced shoes/sneakers which had to be removed. They then had to put a large pillow under their shirts and have a seat in a chair. Once seated the men were required to put back on their shoes/laces and tie them. Whoever did this the fastest without crushing the pillow (baby) won.

Event Planner & Designer: Elle’s Couture Events
Stationery: E- Three Designs
Desserts: Elle’s Pastry Boutique
Venue: Brooklyn Party Space
Photographer: Yanqi Chang Photography
Linens: The Finishing Touch NY

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