Quarantine Celebrations: Cute Sesame Street Themed Mini Party

COVID-19 has forced us to change a lot of our party plans, but your special event does not have to be canceled. Planners are designing amazing intimate events and drive-by parties. Today’s kids’ party will give you some great ideas on how to keep your celebrations going while in quarantine.

Two-year-old Karsyn adores the beloved children’s show Sesame Street, especially the character Cookie Monster. So, his mom planned an amazing Sesame Street party to celebrate his birthday. Sadly, due to COVID-19, she had to cancel Karsyn’s large celebration. However, she decided to have an intimate, mini party at home instead.

The smile on Karsyn’s face says it all. The party was a hit. We love all of the details, from the bright blue, yellow and green color scheme, to the delicious Cookie Monster and Big Bird birthday cake. And if the day couldn’t get any better, a surprise special guest came all the way from Sesame Street to wish Karysn a “Happy Birthday!” See all of the cute details perfectly planned and executed by Luxe Ambiance Events below.

Karsyn’s mom had been planning a big Sesame Street themed party for his 2nd birthday. Our company was hired to design and style the party. However, due to COVID-19, the party had to be canceled. So, she decided to have us do a home set up instead and have Karsyn celebrate with his siblings and parents.

Luxe Ambiance Events

We decided to keep with the theme of Sesame Street. Since Karsyn loves Cookie Monster so much, he had to be one of the stars of the show. Mom wants Karsyn to look back years from now and know that his 2nd birthday happened during these COVID times, so she wanted the word “Quarantine” incorporated in the backdrop. That’s how Quarantine Street came about.

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