Munamommy Gift Shop: The Best STEM Christmas Gift Ideas For Kids

The holidays are officially here! These incredible STEM educational toys are the perfect, kid-friendly Christmas gift ideas for your little science wiz! With more and more children exposed to STEM( science, technology, engineering, and math) at an even earlier age, these learning toys are bound to give hours and hours of fun entertainment to your child while they learn and develop critical problem-solving skills.

Be sure to scroll down to see these fantastic gifts that you can give to the child in your life this holiday season!

Sillbird STEM 12-in-1 Education Solar Robot

This solar-powered robot is a great introduction to the world of robotics for young children. The 12-in-1 function has 12 different robot designs for your child to learn problem-solving and manual dexterity skills. From a Puppy-Bot to a Surf-Bot this STEM robotic toy is maneuverable on land and in the water!

Pathfinders Hydraulic Gearbot and Robotic Arm

These wooden science kits from Canadian-based manufacturer Pathfinders are environmentally friendly and use recyclable materials such as natural, untreated wood, and locally sourced products in their designs. The toys simultaneously teach children history so your little engineer will learn all about Leonardo Da Vinci, The Roman Empire, and Medieval history all while hurling paper balls at Whiskers the cat-( Hey, we’re just saying) 

YellowScope Foundation Chemistry: Beakers & Bubbles

This handmade chemistry kit for “curious and creative girls” was designed by scientists Marcie Colledge, Ph.D., and Kelly McCollum, MPH. With the company’s mission that science is for girls, their goal is to change the perception that science is only for boys and to get more young women into the science and tech fields. The kit comes with an experiment-filled lab notebook and loads of supplies. This award-winning science kit is an awesome gift for the new science wiz in the family.

Makeblock mBot Robot Kit

This robot which is designed to be an entryway into robotics for beginners is also a STEM coding robot. With Bluetooth capabilities, an ultrasonic sensor, and a 3D construction guide, the mBot is a great jumpstart into robotics for your learner at home.

National Geographic Mega Fossil Dig Kit

National Geographic, the trusted name in science and exploration has its very own fossil dig kit for your archaeologist. Complete with a learning guide,15 real fossils, tools, it’s a fantastic start to learn paleontology. Move over Indiana Jones, Dr. Alan Grant, and Ellie we’re coming for you. (Clearly, we’ve watched Jurassic Park and Indiana Jones way too many times)

Thinkfun Gravity Maze Marble Run

Thinkfun’s logic game which was awarded the Parent’s Choice Gold Award and featured in Perdue University’s Engineering gift guide is a building and logic game all in one. Geared towards children ages 8 and up, this incredible maze game has 10 different towers and 60 challenges to help strengthen your child’s logic skills while having fun.

Gears! Gears! Gears!® Build & Bloom Building Set

This incredible mix and match building set is a moving garden! Using interchangeable pieces that transform into a garden of flowers, this gorgeous blooming botanical building set will teach critical thinking, counting, color coordination and so much more.

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