17 Relaxing and Beautiful Spa-Like Bathrooms

Your bathroom is one of the most used rooms in your home, and a place where you can have peace, tranquility, calmness, and privacy.

It is even the most common hiding place for moms seeking a place of refuge and to have a moment to themselves. This inspired us to find spa-like bathrooms for all of you well-deserving Munamommies. Whether you have a huge, medium, or tiny sized bathroom, you want a space where you can relax, decompress, and de-stress! We encourage you to have at-home experiences, where you can enjoy home facials, soothing music, a relaxing bubble bath, enjoying calming scents from your favorite candle or essential oil, taking a long hot shower, or giving yourself a full body scrub and exfoliation.

When designing or remodeling your dream bathroom, you will need to consider assessing the cost and selecting the perfect color scheme, lighting, cabinet and vanity, flooring, fixtures, countertops, and storage. In fact, I recently remodeled my bathroom and went with a gray and white color scheme, a new vanity, new lighting, elegant and complementary accessories, and a marble countertop. I love the new design, and it is a place of escape. We hope these 17 beautiful bathrooms inspire you and have you ready to delve into relaxation. P.S.: For more home design inspirations follow our Munalifestyle Instagram (@munalifestyle).

Photo Credit: Anita Yokota

Photo By: Garett + Carnie Buell of Studio Buell

Photo By: Tomas Espinoza

Photo Credit: Architectural Digest

Designer: Mark Williams

Designer: Jennifer Welch Designers from Sweet Home

Photo Credit: HGTV

Photo Credit: Luvne

Photo Credit: Wishing Trees

Photo Credit: Pufik Homes

Photo Credit: 1111 Light Lane

Designer: Name Berkus

Photo Credit: Architectural Digest

Designer: Joanna Gaines from Fixer Upper

Designer: International Custom Designs

Designer: Jennifer Welch from Sweet Home

Photo Credit: The Glitter Guide


Which one of these bathrooms would draw you in?

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