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“Perfect Union” – Ibtisam’s Beautiful Couples Maternity Session

“Will they be more like me or more like you?” This is an example of the wonderful questions we get to ask each other and witness with complete fascination the answers unfold. Whether they get “this” from their mother, or “that” from their father, ultimately the answer is that they are a perfect union of … read more

Nia’s Modern Art Themed Birthday Party by Pretty Posh Events

If you’re looking for a unique and modern birthday experience for a child who loves art, then Abby Ayeh of Pretty Posh Events‘ modern art themed birthday will leave you completely inspired! With the assistance of numerous creative minds, including MunaLuchi Bride Coterie members Oda Creative & Ten23 Designs, this stylish celebration is an unforgettable experience. Read all about … read more

“Circle of Life” – AGuy’s Family Maternity Session in Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Mother…the source of all, from which we are given life, seek nourishment, learn by example, and find solace. In every embodiment of the word, whether in living form, represented by the earth, as nature entirely, or a spiritual power, “Mother” transcends culture, species, time and space. For AGuy’s family maternity session the complete concept of … read more

Octavia’s Home Inspired Couple’s Maternity Session in Southwest Atlanta, GA

Home…so much emotion, sensation, imagery, and memory is surfaced from this single word. Home is the place of safety both externally and internally in which we find solace from the world around us and the freedom to truly be ourselves. Where one can simply exist as a living entity without inhibition of expectation or obligation. … read more

“Garden of Inspiration” – Aysia and Jordan’s Stunning Couples Maternity Session

Inspirational, spiritual, reflective, intimate, natural, beautiful…these are the words, and many more, that come to mind when experiencing Aysia and Jordan’s stunning couples maternity shoot, photographed by the remarkably talented Stanley Babb. These terms are no doubt influenced by the majestic beauty of the Japanese Gardens setting but also are synonymous with Aysia and the … read more

“Gift of Endless Inspiration” – Kathleen’s Intimate Couples Maternity Session

Inspiration is the vehicle of creativity, and creation the reward of passionate pursuits. For this creative couple their passion has rewarded them the gift of endless inspiration, taking shape in the form of their soon to be born daughter. She will no doubt provide them with a lifetime of style concepts, musical rhythms, and song … read more